SWARM girls at the GapFillers’ Christchurch’s Dance-O-Mat last week. Mean!!!!!!

SWARM Perform to Climax by Usher at the Dance-O-Mat in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Elly Pascoe
Jayme Taylor

Elly Pascoe
Janika Lee-Walker
Jayme Taylor
Loren Sila

Mark Marchand
Seb Beyrer
Matt Kitto

Directed / Edited:
Mark Marchand :: m3

Makeup by Jumee Wardlaw


We knew the Gap-Fillers project people were on to something as soon as they announced their latest installment in the city: The Dance-O-Mat.

Ok, I should explain what Gap-Fillers Project is, first.

After the quake of Christchurch on February 22, 2011, many buildings had to come down in the city. Many places were deemed unsafe to live in. Many spaces had to be revamped and cleared. If you look at Christchurch now, you will notice there is a lot of empty spaces. A lot of gaps.

The Gap Fillers Project was started by people in the city who decided not  to leave these empty spaces morbidly empty as they were but to instead fill it up with art and creativity.

Dance-O-Mat is just one of their many innovation to fill up the gaps.








Read more on Gap Filler Christchurch here.

Moorhouse Dance Studio is a dance studio that seeks ‘to up-skill and inspire young people through a high level of urban dance training and performance opportunities including competitions and various community events’. Find them on Facebook.

Ok this is a very cool fresh piece of music from India. We can’t tell you much about this song, because well, we don’t know a whole lot about these guys. But, yes, it is in English (read the subtitles, you’ll understand). It has 45 million hits in YouTube. And apparently everyone in India knows this song. And India has a billion people. Listen and go figure.

“Why This Kolaveri Di”

“Rest” performed live by Nadia Reid & Nate Phillips for the Majestic Youth “Above the Noise” album launch with Chancy Rattanong performing a ballet piece.

To purchase the album “Above the Noise” click here :

Filmed by Clinton Lloyd / Nathan Adams / Evan Christieson / Craig Forster.
Edited by Craig Forster.