Presenting the first installment of the DIY project 2013…’Building Castles’ by Julian Hay

This is a pretty ambitious but clever project, through which Julian aims to produce and present one musical (or music related) finished release every month. That’s a very open ended brief – this could be in the form of a movie, a song, an mp3 download, or a live performance… we can only guess. Here is the January edition. Enjoy!

“Thanks to the epic team who pulled this together — particularly Danny Leslie for producing/mastering + {Oh Ben!} for editing the epic video.

And of course a monumental thanks to YOU for supporting the DIY project! If you like what you hear then spread the word, and if you’re keen to get involved I’d love to hear from you.

The next song will be up on 28th Feb right here so make sure you Watch it . Like it . Share it!”

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Ok this is a very cool fresh piece of music from India. We can’t tell you much about this song, because well, we don’t know a whole lot about these guys. But, yes, it is in English (read the subtitles, you’ll understand). It has 45 million hits in YouTube. And apparently everyone in India knows this song. And India has a billion people. Listen and go figure.

“Why This Kolaveri Di”

“Rest” performed live by Nadia Reid & Nate Phillips for the Majestic Youth “Above the Noise” album launch with Chancy Rattanong performing a ballet piece.

To purchase the album “Above the Noise” click here :

Filmed by Clinton Lloyd / Nathan Adams / Evan Christieson / Craig Forster.
Edited by Craig Forster.

Nadia Reid, Rise And Fall from her album Letters I Wrote And Never Sent. Filmed and edited by Mark Marchand (M3 Media)

1. Whats new, Nadia, since your EP launch? Things going super for you?
Things are going very well, thanks. We had an epic EP launch here in Christchurch and the rest of the tour (Dunedin, Wellington, Auckland) was fantastic. 

2. We heard news you’re moving to Auckland? Is that true? want to talk about that?
It’s true! The time has come to leave this beautiful city… I leave for Auckland on the 21st January to start working on my album due for release late 2012. 
3. We loved your video of Rise And Fall. Whats the song about? What inspired it?
I wrote the song back in 2008 while I was still at high school. It’s a song about love. Falling out of it [love] and moving on. Recently the song featured in ‘When A City Falls’ a film by Gerard Smythe. A story about the Christchurch earthquakes. It fits really well with the themes of the film. Loss and moving forward. 

4. Mark’s a good film guy isn’t he? Where did you shoot it?
A fantastic film guy! So talented! (Watch out world)… we shot the video on his porch on Slater Street

5. How have you enjoyed being part of Majestic Collective arts community?
From the moment I stepped into Majestic I felt so supported and welcomed into the artist community. Majestic is brimming with faith, talent, and healthy passion! It has been so good for my spirit to be immersed in that atmosphere!

6. Final words? Anything smart to leave behind with us?
Keep doing what you’re all doing, Majestic cats! The future is bright. Yes!