47. Julian Hay [the DIY project] January 2013 Edition

Presenting the first installment of the DIY project 2013…’Building Castles’ by Julian Hay

This is a pretty ambitious but clever project, through which Julian aims to produce and present one musical (or music related) finished release every month. That’s a very open ended brief – this could be in the form of a movie, a song, an mp3 download, or a live performance… we can only guess. Here is the January edition. Enjoy!

“Thanks to the epic team who pulled this together — particularly Danny Leslie for producing/mastering + {Oh Ben!} for editing the epic video.

And of course a monumental thanks to YOU for supporting the DIY project! If you like what you hear then spread the word, and if you’re keen to get involved I’d love to hear from you.

The next song will be up on 28th Feb right here so make sure you Watch it . Like it . Share it!”

Find Julian Hay on facebook (facebook.com/JulianHayMusic)


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