28th of November 2012
The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey World Premiere

Like all of New Zealand caught in the buzz of the new Peter Jackson movie launch, I impulsively took a flight to Wellington where the world premiere was being held. From Wellington airport to Courtney Place, here are some of the photos that we managed to get.

















Majestic Collective and Youth had a rare chance to do up a 8 metre by 12 metre wall at Shirley intermediate school in Christchurch. They gave us their core values and mission statement and we came up with a design that we thought spoke them in a visual manner.
A lot of fun was had in the making of this art piece.














In Christchurch, New Zealand, 10 massive optical illusion-inducing mixed-media art pieces by Mike Hewson pay homage to the former Christchurch Normal School which opened in 1876.

The building, completely renovated for apartment and retail use in 1981 and renamed Cranmer Courts, was damaged badly in the February 2012 magnitude 6.3 earthquake and it is now destined for demolition.

Before it is gone forever, Hewson wanted to pay homage to the building that used to house a vibrant community. He covered the total of 130 square meters of plywood with mixed-media images depicting artists and others who lived and worked in the building.

Private donations and Hewson’s own money covered the $15,000 installation costs. New Zealand-born (in 1985) Mike Hewson is a civil engineer, graduate of Canterbury University (2007). He has worked as a civil engineer in Port Hedland in Western Australia, but has travelled regularly to New Zealand to complete works of art there. He will move permanently back to New Zealand next month and focus on his art full time. – Tuija Seipell (The Cool Hunter)

This Sunday, the 13th of May is Mothers’ Day. We thought it would be nice to make orignami swans for everyone that comes to Majestic and give one to each to remind them of their mothers.

You know, swans are faithful, like Mum’s. They are fiercely protective, like Mum’s. They are graceful, like Mum’s. They are beautiful, yeah, you’re right, like Mum’s.

Last night at The Workroom, we got together a bunch of extremely artistic people and embarked on making a few hundreds of them.

Here is the first draft for #InstaSalt. Amazing photos! Love it! Keep them coming!

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We at Majestic believe in Easter and the life giving story of the sacrifice of Jesus on Friday and his resurrection on Sunday. We want the world to know the original story of Easter. We, the church want to reclaim Easter from the idea of the holiday being run over by bunnies and decorated eggs (though, we know there’s nothing wrong in that!).

We have a most epic Easter happening this year at Majestic Church. We are going right back to the roots of earlier church traditions and rediscovering the significance of church traditions like the Lord’s Supper and Lent, to find fresh revelation about this meaningful time of the year that Easter is.

We have three services lined for Easter. Here are the three illustrations:

If you’re in LA, or you happen to be in LA for a short period of time, or you plan to go to LA, drop in to this MUSEMENT and go play.

Our friends at Mosaic Los Angeles have put up what they call the ‘playground’ for creatives, artists and professionals (including a few Hollywood cats) to come and explore, experiment and have fun creating just whatever they want.

Sounds really cool. We had a Skype video conference call with David Arcos (who runs this MUSEMENT park) last weekend, and its all happening there (as you will also see in the video).

A bunch of Majestic videos are currently being showcased on the new video channel called “OurTube.”

Our Tube is created from the idea that most videos created in Christchurch won’t necessarily make it onto TV therefore there is the need for an alternative platform that can showcase these videos. This is where OurTube comes in as a video channel displaying Christchurch’s stories, music, arts, performances and general earthquake recovery videos. Founder, John McNeil who created the site has dubbed it “YouTube for Christchurch.”

Take a look at the site here: