Here is the second batch of Instagram photos #Instasalt.


SALT BLOG is running an Instagram photography chance to have your photos blogged here.

Tag your photos #instasalt to be found on Instagram and the admin of Salt Blog will approve and post. Anybody on Instagram is welcome to take part.


A bunch of Majestic videos are currently being showcased on the new video channel called “OurTube.”

Our Tube is created from the idea that most videos created in Christchurch won’t necessarily make it onto TV therefore there is the need for an alternative platform that can showcase these videos. This is where OurTube comes in as a video channel displaying Christchurch’s stories, music, arts, performances and general earthquake recovery videos. Founder, John McNeil who created the site has dubbed it “YouTube for Christchurch.”

Take a look at the site here:

Here is a post that we are putting up for the second time on SALT BLOG… Just because we really love it. Here’s John Ross and his friends going a bit bonkers with some coloured chalks on a street curb.

1. Don’t Stand On A Full On Speeding Vespa

2. Who Wins? Blue or Pink?

3. Careful What You Do With A Shell Bag!

4. Drinking Too Much = Not Nice

5. How To Train A Pink Reindeer

Love it.

John is a musician, composer, artist and a very creative fella in general.