18. RIDE//SNAP Exhibition

So you’ve heard about RIDE//SNAP A Cycle/Photography Event happening in Christchurch New Zealand.

If you haven’t scroll down and read the previous post. Quick! It’s this weekend!

So now, you’ve heard of the RIDE//SNAP A Cycle/Photography Event.

Presenting to you the RIDE//SNAP Exhibition:

Saturday, the 25th February

6pm to 8pm at Majestic House, 85B Moorhouse Avenue


1. We will present a prize for the the best photo taken (during the Cycle/Photography event).

2. There will be live art happening.

3. There will be a DJ spinning beats and remixes and sounds and sfx’s and such and such.

4. There will be coffee being made. A form of live art, you can say. Art that you can drink.

5. There will be you. Because you are coming… Yea?


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