13. What The Doctor Said About Christmas

Branding for the month of December 2011 was loosely inspired by planets that orbit around the sun. We have four weeks/themes that orbit around the main theme ‘What The Doctor Said About Christmas’.

Art done on Adobe Illustrator.

This year at Majestic Church, we are studying What The Doctor Said About Christmas, simply looking into the account of the Christmas story written by Luke (well, yes he was a doctor).

Our point is, you can trust a doctor in the medical field to get his/her facts right, right? Interestingly, this guy was very concerned about little details that he carefully documented. This makes Luke a cool wee book that we can dissect and study to learn about Christmas.

December 2011 has four Sundays, so we gave the titles FORECAST, BELIEVE, SPEAK and SAVE for each.

We also have live reading of the Christmas story at every service with music accompaniment.

It is a pretty epic month, this one. The vibe of Christmas at Majestic this year is unmistakeable and it all feels back-to-the-roots (which of course, we know is the Bible).

Have an awesome awesome Christmas – and if you’re in Christchurch NZ, do join us! We’d love to see you!


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