This is the resurrection of SALT BLOG. The earthquake of February 2011 left more stones turned than we imagined. Salt Blog as we knew it then had to be pulled down because the server that hosted it was in the CBD (still remains in the CBD). And like all other Chch-ians we were left scuttling about like blind mice.

Though we were fending for our lives and city and houses and all that, Salt Blog never left our minds. And we wouldn’t be bringing it back to you if we didn’t sincerely believe this was a good thing we had going on.

So… We are back! We are excited about this. We will attempt to post one update every day (or at the very least, every alternate day). Our aim is to document the good things happening and the crazy creativity that we witness every day around us, by people we know, by people that are part of Majestic Collective, by people who are our friends, and a lot of times too even by strangers we have never met.

Follow us, Like us, Comment us, do what you do. And watch this space.


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